Kudelski IoT Security Workshops

Our 3-day workshop will equip you to understand threats to your smartwatch offering, effectively design a secure ecosystem (smartwatch, app and backend) and successfully defend your end-to-end system from attack.


IoT Security Workshop Brochure

The key outcome of the Security Workshop is a strong awareness of IoT threats and mitigation techniques that can be used to protect your IoT ecosystem from harm.

The Security Workshop can be held at our Advanced IoT Security Labs in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, or can be organized on-site at your location.

  • We train you to assess the primary threats to your IoT projects, ecosystems and devices. 
  • Learn how to design products to mitigate those threats during the entire lifecycle of your product. 
  • Get practical experience in executing common attacks – and how to protect against them.

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In our IoT Security Workshop Fact Sheet, you will learn about:

  • How our workshop will help you to design, prototype and maintain a secure IoT architecture for your smartwatch ecosystem
  • The top 5 threats to your IoT ecosystem and how to manage them
  • Workshop details and agenda