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Do you design / manufacture IoT devices or components? Then let’s talk about securing your IoT journey.

We can help you at all phases of your IoT journey, from initial design all the way through decommissioning.

Our Kudelski Root of Trust technology integrates easily into any IoT device using a variety of different form factors.

Our proven technology protects more than 500 million connected devices around the world.

By working with us, you radically reduce risk and enable exciting new ways of doing business in the IoT world.

We’ve been protecting our customers’ premium business models and data privacy for more than 30 years.

We provide pre-integrated solutions with industry-leading partners. Simplify your implementation & speed time to market.

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Design and Evaluation Services

Understand potential cybersecurity risks and their impact on your business, use our expertise to design secure IoT products and evaluate the security of your existing products in our advanced labs.

Threat modeling

Security architecture design

Device security evaluations (HW & SW)

Tailored security evaluation services


IoT Security Platform

Create trust, integrity and control between your devices and their applications throughout the entire lifecycle of your IoT ecosystem. Incorporate our technology in your device and backend, and you are ready to efficiently on-board new devices at scale while ensuring the end-to-end security of any use case.

Key Provisioning & Management

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Secure Boot

Remote Attestation

End-to-End Data Encryption (Privacy & Confidentiality, Integrity & Non-Repudiation)

Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Secure Local Decision Making

Role-Based Access Control

Feature Authorization

Secure FOTA

Detection & Response

Regulatory Compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, CalOPPA, etc)


Managed Services

We monitor, detect and rapidly respond to any threat to your business, 24/7/365, and even operate the IoT Security Platform on your behalf.

We operate the IoT security platform for you

We monitor your ecosystem for threats

We apply countermeasures to thwart attackers

We keep your security up to date



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