IoT Security Platform

IoT Security Platform
Demo Video

With STMicroelectronics


Learn how we secure your connected IoT business

This demo of the Kudelski IoT Security Platform introduces our solution and illustrates some of the key IoT security functions and use cases that we enable for you.

This particular demo is done in partnership with STMicroelectronics, who has pre-integrated the Kudelski IoT Security Client into their MCU and eSIM product lines to simplify the integration of robust IoT security into your IoT product or solution. Kudelski also has many other pre-integration options.

In this Demo Video, you will learn:

  • How easy it is to integrate Kudelski’s Secure Client Library and Root of Trust with your device, with an example use case, device and interface used in the demo
  • How our IoT Security Platform enables you to provision all of your devices automatically in the field (zero-touch provisioning)
  • How your can secure data from chip to cloud, encrypt and decrypt information based on roles and permissions.
  • Other key functionalities enabled by our platform, like remote attestation, premium feature authorization, fine-grained access control, chip-to-chip and device-to-device security

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