Embedded security for the Internet of Things

With the expansion of the connected ecosystem comes the expansion of the threat landscape. As such, the risks are not only multiplied, but they are also new and unknown. For this reason, thinking about security at product inception is key.

This white paper answers the key questions:
What options are available to IoT device creators to ensure the security of their end-to-end ecosystem? What are key considerations in choosing the right IoT security approach? 


ABI Research White Paper

This technical white paper is targeted at IoT professionals who want to understand key concepts in IoT security and how to implement it..

Kudelski IoT – part of the Kudelski Group, a global leader in digital security solutions – is one of the companies driving R&D and technology advancement in security for the Internet of Things.

Kudelski IoT sponsored this ABI Research report in order to help companies across the IoT ecosystem make informed decisions about how to secure their IoT devices and ecosystems..


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In the ABI Research White Paper, you will learn about:

  • Risks and security in the IoT
  • Embedding security and anchoring trust in your devices
  • An implementer’s perspective
    • including secure elements, eSIM, TPMs, TEEs, and secure MCUs.

  • How to choose the right hardware that:
    • Meets security needs (mitigates the threats and supports the use cases envisioned); 

    • Works within the constraints of the hardware; 

    • Works within the power consumption constraints of the hardware; 

    • Provides a foundation for future use cases that might be later implemented.