Why Secure IoT?

Securing your IoT business is critical to your long-term success & sustainability

We design trust & control into your IoT products and ecosystem from the start, so you can secure your most important IoT applications and use cases.

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Enable New Business

Create new business models, securely monetize new features, drive insights and actions with authentic data.
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Protect Your Assets

Secure your device, its identity, data, decisions, commands and actions, from chip to cloud.
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Differentiate Your Product

Market security as a USP, achieve regulatory compliance, gain customer trust, protect your reputation.
Two of the most important aspects to long-term IoT success are designing security into products and ecosystems from the start, as well as managing the long-term security lifecycle of the product. Kudelski is a leading cybersecurity company that can do both.
Michela Menting, Research Director, ABI Research.
The Kudelski solution perfectly fits Canoo’s objective of providing disruptive business models such as no-commitment, effortless subscription programs for urban transportation. Sharing vehicles among different users would require a highly secure and flexible access solution and the Kudelski team has the experience and the skills that will ensure our success.
Phil Weicker, In Charge of Propulsion & Electronics at Canoo


Standard bodies & alliances membership

Kudelski IoT contributes to creating a connected world that is secure by design through active participation and leadership in a number of industry standards bodies and alliances:

IoT Security News & Resources 


Quantum Computing White Paper

Quantum computing has the potential to break current encryption and authentication methods based on classical asymmetric cryptography, which could pose a serious threat to data security and privacy for a wide variety of companies.

Quantum Computing White Paper

Medical White Paper

This white paper aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the emerging standards and regulations in the market that govern medical device cybersecurity.

Medical White Paper

Matter-compliant certificate service

Kudelski IoT’s Matter Product Attestation Certificate Service enables companies to get scalable access to Device Attestation Certificates, letting them join the Matter ecosystem with confidence and ease. We can also be your strategic security partner throughout your entire product lifecycle.

Matter-compliant certificate service

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Ultimately, the problem of IoT security will only be fully solved when consumer electronics companies and other device manufacturers start to take both initial security architecture as well as long-term security lifecycle management strategies more seriously. Read more

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