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No matter what industry you are in or what type of IoT device you are thinking about building or using, IoT security plays a critical role in enabling new business opportunities and protecting you from risk.

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In short, IoT implementers need IoT security to establish trust, integrity and control so they can achieve a sustainable return on their IoT investment…

What you will learn

  • What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

  • Who is investing in IoT and why?
  • Examples of real-world IoT use cases and the value that IoT security ads
  • The key challenges faced by companies building IoT devices
  • The benefits of secure IoT and the risks of not securing devices by design
  • The difference between Security by Design and traditional Cybersecurity
  • The fundamentals of effective IoT Security Architecture

  • Our top 5 security best practices
  • How Kudelski can help you progress from IoT idea to secure and sustainable IoT success.