Security by design for your IoT products

Do you need to protect your product or ecosystem but don't know where to start? We’ll help you inventory your threats and design the security right for your specific business context.

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An illustration for IoT design servicesAn illustration for IoT design services


IoT Threat Assessment

We work with you to create a clear view of the specific threats to your business in order to help you focus your product development and close critical security gaps.

  • Associated cost of attack
  • Recommended mitigations
  • Security controls
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Code Review

We assist you to better understand the current risks and security posture of the security implementation of a firmware or an app. We provide a professional opinion on the maturity, adequacy, and efficiency of the security measures that are in place regarding cryptographic functions, identify potential issues and include improvement recommendations based on the result of the whitebox review. Our expertise is especially strong in embedded SW, boot reviews for embedded systems and blockchain.

  • Professional opinion on the code security features
  • Application of coding best practices
  • Verification of countermeasure soundness, including against hardware attacks
  • Presence of efficient obfuscation
  • Prioritized improvements and recommendations to mitigate identified risks and vulnerabilities
Labs Threat Assessment

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IoT Threat Assessment

Identify the most likely security risks and their potential impact.

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4 Steps to IoT security

Learn the background, vocabulary and key concepts necessary to develop and deploy IoT ecosystems that are resilient to evolving cyber-threats.

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IoT Solution Architecture

Our expert security architects provide you with detailed recommendations and plans on how to secure your IoT device and ecosystem against identified threats.

  • Embed the right features to protect data and communications
  • Ensure the integrity the device
  • Address its security lifecycle to hold control over time
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Labs Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Kudelski IoT Security Labs Fact Sheet

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