Automotive Ecosystem Security

A large portfolio of advice and technology to help Automotive OEMs, EV manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers manage their cybersecurity risks, ensure regulatory compliance and securely create the future of personal transportation.

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What we do

Engineering Security & Convenience into the Vehicles of Tomorrow

We are a cyber and embedded security expert with more than 30 years of experience protecting high-value technologies and services from attack

Advisory services

Advisory Services

Our Threat Analysis and Risk Assessments (TARA), compliance assessments (for ISO 21434 and other automotive cybersecurity standards) and security architecture design services ensure you are well aware of the potential challenges your product could face and have the means to mitigate them.
Hardware and software expertise

Embedded Security

Our combined expertise in both HW and SW security means we can improve your vehicle cybersecurity posture from bumper to bumper, provide secure vehicle access solutions while also securing your infrastructure and information flow to/from the cloud.
Advanced security labs

Advanced Security Labs

Innovators from around the world use our labs to design and test the robustness and resilience of their products and systems as well as
their compliance to security regulations and standards.


Services for secure vehicles & infrastructure

Whether you need to comply with evolving regulations, develop new secure, connectivity- centric or software-centric architectures, or test your or 3rd-party solutions for robustness against threats, we have the right expertise and services to help you succeed.

Secure automotive training


Automotive Security Advisory & Training

Get advice from the world’s foremost security experts and improve your security while understanding best practices.

  • Security assessments
  • Regulatory compliance reviews (ISO 21434, WP.29, others)
  • Design consulting
    (chips to system)
  • Architecture reviews
  • Specification reviews
  • Security workshops
Secure vehicle assessment


Lab Automotive Security Design/Assessment

Put your product to the test in one of the world’s most advanced security labs.

  • Prototype testing
  • Security validation of existing products/systems
  • Security validation of supplier products/systems
  • Regulatory compliance
Secure vehicle testing


Vehicle Security Penetration Testing

Validate the robustness of your ECU/TCU, other components and the entire vehicle and its ecosystem against cyber-attacks.

  • In-depth, customized examination
  • Under real conditions
  • Regulatory audits


Security systems for vehicles & infrastructure

We help you manage the entire lifecycle of your components or the entire vehicle.

Secure vehicle systems


Secure Vehicle Systems

We can ensure the integrity of vehicle firmware, and secure communications within the car and to/from the cloud while ensuring that in-car systems stay isolated.

  • Secure communication & data integrity to/from cloud
  • Secure in-car communication & systems isolation
  • Passive Keyless Access (Digital Key)
  • FOTA
  • Automotive grade secure chipsets
Vehicle check


Security Incident Prevention & Management

We can help you track components and firmware version for each car while managing updates and recalls.

  • Track components per vehicle model/year
  • Track firmware version and last update of each component
  • OTA Updates
  • Efficiently manage updates and recalls
  • Single pane of glass solution
Automotive Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Automotive Ecosystem Security

A large portfolio of technology services and solutions to help Automotive OEMs (including EV manufacturers) and Tier 1 suppliers manage their cybersecurity risks, ensure regulatory compliance and securely create the future of personal transportation.

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Example Solutions

End-to-end, plug-and-play vehicle security solutions

We have developed complete end-to-end solutions to fit your use cases in securing communications in-vehicle and C-V2X.

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Passive Keyless Access

This end-to-end IoT solution lets people access assets and spaces simply by approaching them with an authorized mobile device, providing convenience and control while enabling exciting new business models.

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Secure parking

Frictionless Parking

As the world leader in
parking solutions, we offer a frictionless parking solution to automotive OEMs. With this, automotive users can view available parking locations and charging points in a car’s dashboard or in a navigation app. By managing the end- end process, we enable users to book, access and pay for a parking location seamlessly.

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asset tracking with RecovR

Asset Tracking

This solution helps companies and consumers track their valuable assets wherever they are, monitor their status, protect them from theft and facilitate their recovery if they are stolen, all with the highest degree of security and privacy possible.

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Join our ever-expanding ecosystem

As a Tier 1 provider of automotive solutions to companies ranging from the North American Big 3 to new entrant EV companies, we are continuing to expand our roster of partnerships and contributions to the community. We look forward to continuing to work with OEMs and their suppliers to enhance the cybersecurity posture of automotive products and infrastructure while making the user experience seamless. Please feel free to reach out … we can support your needs!

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