Passive Keyless Access
Using A Smart Device

The solution lets people access assets and spaces simply by approaching them with an authorized mobile device, providing convenience and control while enabling exciting new business models.

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What is Passive Keyless Access?

Passive Keyless Access Technology enables secure access to vehicles, buildings and other assets and spaces, using only an authorized smart device. In a world where physical keys and cards are increasingly being replaced by digital options, smartphones are emerging as the dominant platform to enable that.

Passive Keyless Access for Shared Vehicles


Passive Keyless Access for Shared Vehicles

Enable secure shared vehicle access using "phone as key" at scale.

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Secure Printing


Secure Printing

Encrypt individual print jobs are encrypted and can only be accede by authorized users.

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Passive Keyless Building Access


Passive Keyless Building Access

Enabling people to use mobile phones as secure access passes to buildings, garages, events and other venues.

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How does the Passive Keyless Entry technology work?

The solution leverages the Kudelski IoT keySTREAM security stack to enable trusted access commands and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) multi-point proximity detection, which is common denominator technology available in all smart devices today. NFC cards and web portal-based access options are also available.

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Passive solution for the user

No need to pull out the phone from the pocket, the phone is automatically and securely identified

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Securely manage authorizations

Manage who has access to the asset, when and for how long via trusted commands from keySTREAM

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Multi point proximity detection

Localization via trilateration – BLE based – with several anchors for proximity detection

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User to user authorization sharing

One user can share temporary access to its asset easily with trusted contacts

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NFC key or remote LTE control

In addition to BLE proximity detection, NFC card and remote commands are available


Which proximity detection technologies are used?

Solution must work with majority of smart phones and smart devices. The solution is built on existing standards and supported by most mobile devices, and is managed and protected by Kudelski IoT keySTREAM to ensure robust security.

BLE is a viable option today

BLE proximity/time of flight are approximate and subject to attenuation and reflection.

BLE radio relay attacks are commonly known.

Ultra Wide Band is on the rise

Ultra Wide Band is the ideal complement to BLE for the next generation of our Passive Keyless Access solution.

Very few smart devices are currently embedding it.


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The Kudelski Passive Keyless Entry solution perfectly fits Canoo’s objectives and needs. Our disruptive, no-commitment subscription program – which involves sharing of vehicles by different users - requires a highly secure and flexible access solution and the Kudelski team has the experience and the skills required to support our needs.
Alexi Charbonneau, VP of Engineering at Canoo
COVID-19 highlighted the need for more touchless access to cars, buildings, elevators and other assets. We are very excited that Canoo has given us the opportunity to bring this solution to their innovative new vehicle membership service. Our combination of expertise in both security and access control gives our solution an unparalleled level of robustness while delivering on the promise of convenience and ease of use.
Hardy Schmidbauer, SVP Kudelski IoT