Modular Security IP Portfolio

Discover the cutting-edge Security IP portfolio that future-proofs semiconductor security in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Our comprehensive and customizable solution offers modules that can be tailored to address a broad range of market needs and certification schemes, providing robust cryptographic capabilities while ensuring a balance between performance and footprint.

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Key Benefits

Build secure IoT solutions

Kudelski provides a Modular Security IP portfolio that enables SoC and device manufacturers to build secure IoT solutions. The solution is market-proven and certification-ready. Kudelski also provides additional services to help clients with security assessment and for certification of the overall system.

Built-in Security

Security measures have been implemented into the IP block. The IP block supports an achievable certification of PSA and SESIP Level 3.

Easy to Integrate

We provide a full integration and support package including integration validation tools.

Optimized Resource Usage

Specific attention has been paid to small gate count and limited RAM and ROM usage.

Fast Startup

All services are quickly available as there is no software to be loaded into RAM at boot time. This speeds up the secure boot sequence of the SoC and device.

Fast Performance

Our IP block contains optimized HW cryptographic accelerators.

Flexible Software Adaptation

Supports a wide range of platforms, RTOS and OS.

Certification Support

Kudelski IoT lab has CSPN accreditation, and we can help customers to prepare for other certifications such as SESIP, PSA, Common Criteria, etc.


We integrate the newest algorithms and protocols into our system, ensuring they are robust against cryptanalysis, side-channel/fault attacks and quantum computing threats.

Security Agility

Architectures are defined and implemented with mature, unchanging parts in hardware and other parts in software, enabling secure updates while keeping performance objective.


From security IP to secure solutions

Kudelski IoT Security IP is part of a complete suite of tools and services we provide to enable our vision of enabling chipset vendors, device manufacturers, solution providers and operators to build secure IoT solutions. This holistic view consists of Advisory Services, a Root of Trust, and Lifecycle Services that Kudelski IoT manages.

In-field Lifecycle Management


Manage ownership of devices and onboarding on IoT services


Secure provisioning of assets into SoC. At any point in time during the lifecycle: in-factory or late provisioning

Key Renewability

Rotate key material for extended lifetime


Revoke key material

Certificate Management

Generation and management of digital certificates. Integration with 3rd party PKI

Remote Configuration

Secure remote configuration


Secure management of the firmware update processes
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Lifecycle Management

The Kudelski IoT device security management system can be used on top of the Secure IP. The system (keySTREAM) is designed to make lifecycle management of SoC/devices easy, and to support the design of secure IoT solutions. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, customers can choose to activate keySTREAM features on any device that is “keySTREAM ready” – any device that uses a SoC with Kudelski Secure IP.
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Responding to the threat of
quantum computing

IoT devices should remain robust for many years in the field, so Kudelski IoT employs advanced crytography experts to design our products with the quantum computing threat in mind. In addition to classical cryptographic algorithms, Kudelski IoT's Secure IP optionally embeds several quantum resistant algorithms. Stateful hash-based signatures offer solutions to secure IoT device initialization and over-the-air updates.

The features and interfaces of our Security IP portfolio enable hybrid asymmetric cryptography which relies on well-known and evaluated asymmetric algorithms (RSA and ECC based) in combination with quantum resistant algorithms.

To bring performance and flexibility, Security IP uses a RISC-V architecture enhanced by hardware accelerators. For quantum resistant algorithms - to guarantee agility and the capability to update them according to new specification releases or new attacks - the implementation is a combination of hardware and software primitives. To ensure security and robustness against side channel and fault attacks the secure IP designers take them in consideration at the different design phases of hardware and software functionalities.

Considering the constant attacks, security evolutions, and standards updates: the secure IP provides features to enhance lifecycle management, secure update mechanisms and secure initialization that all consider the quantum computer as a potential threat.

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Powered by Kudelski IoT keySTREAM™

Securely connect, manage and update your IoT devices. A device-to-cloud solution for securing all the key assets of your IoT ecosystem, end-to-end and during its entire lifecycle.

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Secure IP Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Secure IP: a robust security enclave

Kudelski IoT Secure Hardware IP has been designed for chipset manufacturers seeking key protection in their system on chip (SoC/ASIC)solutions, robust cryptographic capabilities and services targeting IoT use cases.

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Security is our DNA

Our IoT experience is rooted in our 30+ years protecting high-value data and business models. For protecting Digital TV services, we have developed highly robust and efficient hardware – the NAGRA On-Chip Security (NOCS) for set-top boxes and smart TVs.

This is integrated with over 500 different chips and with over 100 million chipsets deployed. Kudelski has also developed custom security chips for smart cards, as well as IP sub-systems for integrated SIM SoC.


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