Firmware Lifecycle Management (FOTA) Service

Kudelski IoT Secure FOTA (firmware over-the-air) Update Service empowers you to manage your product’s entire lifecycle.

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How to keep devices in pace with a changing threat environment, at scale

When devices are designed and built, they ideally apply state-of-the-art security controls protecting against known threats. But no company can protect against threats they don’t know, and not only security, but also business models, features, drivers and libraries also need to change over time.

How can you ensure your devices keep pace with a changing business and threat environment without the cost and complexity of having to update them manually or replace them altogether? By embedding them with our robust and secure FOTA (firmware over the air) update service.

Reduces cost

– no need to do recall of your devices or cars. Update them remotely for a much lower cost.

Enables safe firmware upgrades, anytime & anywhere

– updates can be easily delivered while protecting devices from malware or unauthorized firmware.

Reduces time to market

– produce and release devices into the supply chain knowing they can be easily updated when they arrive to market.

Facilitates bug fixes and features update

– when you need to fix bugs or add new features, you can deliver them simply and securely.


Secure FOTA advantages

Keeping your devices up to date

Manage rollouts

Roll out an application or firmware update starting with your development devices. Once fully tested, enable a progressive roll-out to your customers’ devices.
Control who is deploying software thanks to the strong user authentication.

Protect devices

Protect your devices by storing the signing keys that enable updates in our ultra-secure Hardware Security Modules (HSM).
Signature keys are very important in any OTA update system. Leaks could leave your devices open to attack, so use our technology and expertise to protect them.

Comply with regulations

Comply with emerging regulations and standards requiring remote update capabilities for connected
IoT devices. Whether it is a security patch, a bug fix or a new feature to improve your product, Kudelski IoT Secure FOTA Service gives you a path to secure success.

biped Case Study

Case Study

biped Partners with Kudelski IoT to Innovate & Secure a Smart Harness for the Visually Impaired

biped worked with Kudelski IoT to develop a solution that would allow them to securely update their device over the air.

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Over-the-Air Update Service

Kudelski IoT Secure FOTA empowers you to manage your product’s entire lifecycle.

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