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Asset Tracking using wireless locator devices

This solution helps companies and consumers track their valuable assets wherever they are, monitor their status, protect them from theft and facilitate their recovery if they are stolen, all with the highest degree of security and privacy possible.

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What is Wireless Asset Tracking?

Asset Tracking gives people who own and/or manage valuable assets like cars, trucks, trailers, medical or construction equipment the ability to easily track the location of their property and to recovery it if it's stolen.

In this case, we're talking about RecovR, the wireless 2-in-1 car dealer solution for lot management and vehicle theft recovery, launched by Kudelski IoT in February 2021.

Dealer Lot Management


Dealer Lot Management

Enable dealerships to locate and manage their entire inventory across lots and locations, granting access only to authorized parties..

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Vehicle Theft Recovery


Vehicle Theft Recovery

Empower car owners to locate their vehicle at any time and share information with police, all while providing strong privacy protections.

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How does the RecovR Asset Tracking solution work?

The solution employs a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies to provide great accuracy, availability, longevity and security for dealers and consumers.

wireless battery for 5 years

Wireless with Long Battery Lifetime

1-minute install, no need for complex wiring, and never has to be recharged during its 3-year period of service

multi-connectivity built-in

Multi-Network Connectivity

The RecovR device connects to the strongest network available in a given area, ensuring nationwide coverage.

privacy security built in image

Privacy & Security Built In

Data is encrypted end to end with Kudelski IoT keySTREAM, ensuring only the registered owner has access.

Cloud backend app icon

Cloud Backend, UI & Apps

No complicated software to install or manage, just a simple website or mobile app,

Multiple sensors image

Multiple Sensors

The device contains multiple sensors for positioning, movement and shock, enabling a wide variety of use cases.


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Thanks to RecovR, we saved over $200K of stolen inventory and avoided increased insurance premiums down the road. Their team was extremely helpful, always answered the phone, and proactively called to check in when they saw any other movement [of the stolen vehicles] or had updates for our staff. Without the support of the RecovR team and the system’s real-time location data and alerts, there is a 0% chance the vehicles would have been successfully recovered. Our team leveraged the system to track and recover the vehicles within a few days. In the past, we would have been entirely in the dark.
Kiefer Zuelsdorf, Auto Sales Manager at Kearns Motor Car
Most lot management and theft recovery solutions are costly, complex to install and use, and don’t take consumer privacy seriously enough. The RecovR solution has addressed all these issues by design, enabling effortless adoption by dealers while creating a disruptive new business model that generates profitability without upfront costs.
Tanner Johnson Principal Analyst for Data Security, Vertical Market Applications
RecovR was developed by Kudelski Group, a smart parking and security technology leader, now bringing decades of security and privacy expertise to the automotive industry.
Tanner Johnson Principal Analyst for Data Security, Vertical Market Applications