In-Field Provisioning

Kudelski IoT provides semiconductor and device manufacturers and IoT end-user companies a simple solution for the in-field credential provisioning of IoT devices, creating guaranteed trust between devices and networks.

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Securely manage the entire lifecycle of your IoT devices

Our approach simplifies the entire device production and distribution chain, removes room for human error and fully automates the process of assigning keys and certificates to IoT devices. Our solution can be used with any chipset or device and is pre-integrated with several major semiconductor manufacturers.

Reduce cost and complexity

Chipsets and devices can be managed through their entire production flow without the complexity of handling sensitive customer credentials. This leads to faster production and simplified logistics while reducing human error and guaranteeing trust throughout the process.

Automate and scale deployment

Our solution enables chipset and device manufacturers and end-user customers to securely provision millions of devices without requiring any key management (PKI) infrastructure. Our Kudelski IoT keySTREAM security management system automates the entire process and enables zero-touch provisioning at scale.

Manage the entire IoT

keySTREAM is a device security management platform that enables customers to manage the full IoT lifecycle from provisioning through end of life. Customers have full control over all their devices through our easy-to-use console or through integration with their own Device Management System.

Customer journey

Secure. Manage. Scale.


Set up

Customers can create a tenant and with just a few clicks set up advice profile configuration. This allows device management at scale as any arbitrary number of devices can be automatically attached to a device profile. keySTREAM provides pre-defined templates for easy configuration, e.g., for zero-touch onboarding of devices on an AWS orAzure cloud.


Own your devices

keySTREAM supports several models for taking ownership over devices

  • Delegate – manage ownership assignment during manufacturing. A chipset manufacturer/OEM/ODM can assign ownership to customers based on chipset identifiers.
  • Take – first-come-first-served approach to taking ownership of a device.
  • Claim – customers prove possession of a chipset/device.


When devices connect for the first time, they will be automatically onboarded onto the customers’ keySTREAM tenant and appear in the device management. From now on, they can be managed through keySTREAM. As pre-configured per device profile, devices will now automatically be provisioned with credentials. Once this zero-touch provisioning process is done, the devices can now perform their intended IoT business function.


Lifecycle management

Customers can manage the full security lifecycle of their devices from keySTREAM. Transferring ownership, creating new credentials or deleting credentials, revoking devices or managing their disposal or refurbishment.

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Manage the Security of Connected Devices

Microchip ECC608 TrustMANAGER

Manage the trust of connected devices in an IoT network. Combined with the Kudelski IoT keySTREAM™ SaaS, TrustMANAGER sets up a self-serve Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) service that provisions your devices while they are connected in the field to automatically activate them in your account.

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Powered By keySTREAM

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Powered by Kudelski IoT keySTREAM™

Securely connect, manage and update your IoT devices. A device-to-cloud solution for securing all the key assets of your IoT ecosystem, end-to-end and during its entire lifecycle.

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In Field Provisioning

Fact Sheet

In-field Provisioning

Kudelski IoT provides device manufacturers and IoT end-user companies with a simple solution for the in-field credential provisioning of IoT devices.

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