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Deploying a Matter Product:
Navigating the Certification & Attestation Certificate Process

Missed us live? Watch the recording on demand! You'll get an expert overview of the benefits of launching a Matter product, the process for successfully passing Matter certification, and how to obtain the Device Attestation Certificates required for your device to join the Matter ecosystem.

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What will you learn?

Watch the webinar recording to hear our presenters answer the following key questions manufacturers should consider when deploying a Matter-approved device.

  • How does the Matter ecosystem work and what are the benefits of joining Matter?
  • What's the difference between Matter certification and Device Attestation Certificates (DACs)?
  • What steps should manufacturers take for a successful Matter product deployment?
  • How does Real Home IOP testing help manufacturers quickly develop more user-friendly products?
  • What different DAC delivery options are available to meet manufacturers' provisioning needs?
  • How can manufacturers avoid the burden of managing their own Matter PAA and PAIs?

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