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Advancing Smart Home Technologies, Security and Matter

The Parks Associates Connections Conference brought together industry leaders and experts in Dallas this week to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the smart home industry.

Christopher Schouten
Christopher Schouten
Sr. Director Marketing, Kudelski IoT
Updated on
June 13, 2023
Companies are excited about the Matter standard, but there is still work to do on getting consumers aware and excited about it as well.
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With a focus on emerging technologies, consumer demand, and privacy and security concerns, the conference shed light on the current state and future prospects of the smart home ecosystem.  Kudelski IoT attended to gain insight into these trends and share our expertise about smart home device security and Matter Device Attestation Certificates. Let's delve into the key takeaways from the conference, with a particular focus on the promising trajectory of the Matter standard.

Matter: A Platform with Endless Potential

One of the highlights of the conference was the enthusiastic discussion surrounding the Matter standard. While acknowledging the challenges and the slower-than-expected rollout of Matter devices, the overall sentiment was one of optimism and determination. Representatives from various companies, including Kudelski IoT, expressed their commitment to advancing the Matter standard and pushing it to new heights. By providing their Matter Certificate Service, Kudelski IoT ensures that Matter devices adhere to the highest security standards, instilling confidence in consumers and helping to foster widespread adoption.

Amongst the discussions, the need for the industry to educate consumers about the benefits and potential of Matter was discussed, with some disagreement about where the responsibility for that lies. But both the CSA who administers Matter and other companies across the value chain expressed their desire to collaborate with major smart home retailers to help create awareness and facilitate a smooth transition to Matter-enabled devices because of the benefits it would bring to both the industry and consumers.

Generative AI: Unlocking Boundless Possibilities

While concrete experiments and plans regarding generative AI were not extensively discussed at the conference, the prevailing sentiment was that generative AI has the power to revolutionize the smart home industry. Attendees acknowledged the immense potential of generative AI in making smart homes even smarter, elevating user experiences, and unlocking innovative features. Specific applications regarding things like elder care and home water damage prevention were discussed, and there was clearly an enthusiastic atmosphere around the need for companies to collaborate across boundaries to make the promise of AI a reality.

Privacy concerns associated with generative AI were expressed by many, but Kudelski IoT - as a specialist in data protection on IoT devices - explained that by prioritizing user privacy and data protection from the design phase of new IoT products, the industry can enable the ethical and secure implementation of generative AI technologies within the smart home ecosystem.

Privacy: A Paramount Consideration

Privacy emerged as a recurrent topic during the conference, highlighting the evolving mindset of consumers and their increasing emphasis on data protection. Parks Associates' research revealed that privacy concerns ranked among the top 3 reasons for consumers' hesitation in adopting connected devices. This shift from worries about hacking to concerns about data usage emphasizes the need for robust privacy measures and transparent data practices.

Notably, several speakers underscored privacy as a selling point for connected devices, with an energetic discussion around who would pay for the technology and ongoing services required to achieve both consumer privacy as well as regulatory and standards compliance. Stefan Witkamp from Athom illustrated this, highlighting three options for building business models: high upfront costs, selling consumer data, or subscription fees. Athom's decision to introduce a modest monthly subscription fee resonated with attendees as a transparent way to ensure a privacy-centric approach and to feature it as a value proposition for products and services.

On-Device Machine Learning: Enhancing Security and Privacy

The conference discussions also centered around the merits of on-device machine learning, which addresses both privacy concerns and cost considerations. By processing data locally instead of relying heavily on cloud services, manufacturers can enhance privacy protection while reducing expenses associated with cloud storage. Attendees appreciated this approach, as it aligns with the growing demand for secure and privacy-enhanced smart home solutions.

The Parks Associates Connections Conference showcased the vibrant and evolving landscape of the smart home industry, with a particular emphasis on the Matter standard, generative AI, privacy, and on-device machine learning. The conference fostered a spirit of collaboration, as industry leaders and experts shared insights and explored ways to address challenges and unlock opportunities. Kudelski IoT's active participation, with our Matter Certificate Service, as well as a range of other IoT device security services and technologies, highlighted our commitment to advancing the industry's security and privacy standards.

As the smart home industry continues to innovate and evolve, Kudelski IoT remains at the forefront, empowering companies to navigate the complexities of the ecosystem securely. By leveraging their expertise and comprehensive suite of services, Kudelski IoT plays a vital role in accelerating the adoption of the Matter standard, enabling the ethical implementation of generative AI, and ensuring privacy-centric smart home experiences. The future is bright, and Kudelski IoT's contributions are instrumental in shaping a safer, more connected, and privacy-respecting smart home environment.


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