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In-Field Provisioning

Revolutionizing IoT Device Security: Comprehensive In-Field Provisioning Solutions for Zero-Touch Deployment and Seamless Integration

IoT device security is crucial in today's connected world. In-field provisioning, zero-touch provisioning, and late binding provisioning are essential concepts in ensuring secure and efficient IoT device onboarding and management. This blog post will discuss the game-changing solution of in-field provisioning, how it addresses the challenges of traditional IoT provisioning processes, and Kudelski IoT's comprehensive approach to providing end-to-end security for your IoT devices.

Frédéric Matthys
Frédéric Matthys
Product Director, Kudelski IoT
Updated on
May 10, 2023
In-field provisioning is the future of IoT device provisioning. It streamlines the process, eliminates human error, and ensures the highest level of security.
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The Problem with the Traditional IoT Provisioning Process

Traditional IoT provisioning begins with end-user companies requesting devices with unique identities. Device manufacturers embed these devices with keys using the available secure storage in their hardware or chipset. These devices, along with key files, are then sent through the distribution chain, with distributors dividing the devices and attempting to match the right keys to the appropriate end-user companies.

This process presents inherent IoT provisioning challenges. Firstly, it is time-consuming and lacks scalability. Secondly, it requires security expertise that many companies do not possess. Finally, it relies on trust in the key file custody chain instead of guaranteeing trust through intentional product design and processes.

Kudelski IoT's Comprehensive Approach to IoT Security Solutions

Kudelski IoT's In-Field Provisioning Solutions provide a comprehensive approach to IoT security, addressing the entire device lifecycle from design and development to deployment and decommissioning. With our expertise in secure design and manufacturing, Kudelski IoT ensures that your IoT devices are protected from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

  1. Secure Design and Manufacturing: Kudelski IoT works with your product teams and manufacturing partners to create a secure design and implement security best practices in the manufacturing process. This includes embedding secure elements, secure boot, and cryptographic operations.
  2. In-Field Provisioning: Kudelski IoT's solution automates the provisioning process, providing a seamless integration into your existing IoT infrastructure. Devices are shipped with generic factory keys, which are replaced with unique customer-specific keys when the devices are first connected to the network. This zero-touch provisioning eliminates human error, reduces costs, and increases efficiency.
  3. Device and Data Security: With Kudelski IoT's keySTREAM technology, devices are protected with a secure root of trust, ensuring that data and communications remain confidential and secure. Additionally, Kudelski IoT offers data protection solutions such as encryption and secure key storage.
  4. Lifecycle Management: Kudelski IoT's solutions provide complete visibility and control over the entire device lifecycle, enabling you to manage device updates, decommission devices, and revoke access when necessary. This ensures that your IoT devices remain secure and compliant throughout their lifetime.

The In-Field Provisioning Process: A Scalable IoT Solution

  1. Kudelski IoT collaborates with semiconductor and device manufacturers to implement the foundation for easy in-field provisioning. Generic factory keys, not owned by any specific end-user, are enabled for use, whether inserted at the foundry or by the device manufacturer.
  2. The device travels through the distribution chain without the need for key file transfer, eradicating complexity and potential for human error.
  3. When the end-user company brings the device online, it automatically connects to Kudelski IoT's keySTREAM Security Server, receiving its final keys and enabling secure, zero-touch provisioning to the new device owner's network and cloud services. The process is seamless and requires no manual intervention.

The Benefits of In-Field Provisioning for IoT Device Lifecycle Management

In-field provisioning provides advantages for all parties involved in the IoT value chain:

  • Chipset vendors can offer off-the-shelf chipsets enabled for in-field provisioning.
  • Software-based options are available for integration by device manufacturers.
  • Device manufacturers and distributors are not burdened with handling customer-specific keys or device IDs.
  • End-user companies can automate device onboarding with in-field provisioning.
  • Devices can change owners and be re-keyed if needed.

Case Studies Demonstrating the Power of In-Field Provisioning

Kudelski IoT's in-field provisioning solutions can be successfully implemented across various industries, providing tangible benefits to companies and their customers. Here are a few examples:

  1. An industrial equipment manufacturer could use in-field provisioning to securely onboard thousands of devices to their network, streamlining operations, and reducing the time and cost associated with manual provisioning.
  2. A healthcare provider could leverage in-field provisioning to ensure the security of their connected medical devices, protecting patient data and improving overall system reliability.
  3. A smart city initiative could implement in-field provisioning to manage and secure their IoT infrastructure, enhancing public safety and improving the efficiency of city services.

In-field provisioning is the future of IoT device security and IoT device lifecycle management. It streamlines the process, eliminates human error, and ensures the highest level of security. Kudelski IoT's comprehensive approach to providing end-to-end security solutions ensures that your IoT devices are protected and efficiently managed throughout their lifetime. Whether you are an enterprise using IoT, an IoT device manufacturer, or a semiconductor manufacturer, Kudelski IoT can help you improve your overall security and efficiency in creating and deploying IoT devices. Contact us today to learn more about our secure IoT deployment solutions and how we can help. Visit www.Kudelski-iot.com for more information.

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In-field Provisioning

Kudelski IoT provides device manufacturers and IoT end-user companies with a simple solution for the in-field credential provisioning of IoT devices.