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Kudelski IoT: Helping Companies Obtain the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark

Today's announcement of the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark for consumer Internet of Things (IoT) device security signifies an unprecedented milestone in the quest for greater transparency, trust, and protection of the smart home.

Christopher Schouten
Christopher Schouten
Sr. Director Marketing, Kudelski IoT
Updated on
July 19, 2023
We join the CSA and other member companies in its mission to gain and maintain consumer trust, believing that the value of our efforts will grow exponentially along with the IoT ecosystem. By supporting the US National Label and providing the foundat
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Kudelski IoT applauds this effort to add security labeling and QR-code based educational information to consumer devices. We believe in its potential to bolster safety and security in the IoT ecosystem. This initiative aligns perfectly with Kudelski IoT's longstanding commitment to enabling a safer, more secure IoT landscape with the technology and services we provide to chipset and device manufacturers that give them the security foundations they need to create robust products that comply with standards, regulations and labeling programs like the new U.S. Cyber Trust Mark..

Research from Parks Associates shows that IoT device security is paramount for consumers. Privacy and security concerns are one of the top reasons consumers don’t adopt smart home devices, and the US national label program addresses this concern, offering an objective way to identify products that meet a baseline level of security. It's critical that we increase trust in smart home solutions in order to promote the healthy growth of this market.

As members of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), and an active participant in the Matter Working Group and Product Security Working Group (PSWG), we at Kudelski IoT work toward the goal of a safe smart home with other leading technology companies every day. Together with other Alliance member companies, we have been working diligently behind the scenes to develop a best-in-class standard for smart home security.

In support of a safer connected home, Kudelski IoT provides a wide range of services like our Matter Device Attestation Certificate service, the final step required to onboard a product into the Matter ecosystem. Additionally, our Threat and Risk Analysis and Device Security Discovery services, offered by our world-renowned IoT Security Labs, are instrumental in helping manufacturers inventory and detect potential vulnerabilities and address them proactively. Our smart home device manufacturer customers use these services to achieve better IoT security and meet the requirements for the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark.

Recognizing the importance of a common approach to security, Brecht Wyseur from Kudelski IoT, a member of the CSA’s Product Security Working Group (PSWG), emphasizes, "If we are going to ensure a common, proven approach to IoT security and privacy between all participants in the smart home ecosystem, we must create a global baseline of technology and standards deployed everywhere and with the same intention. By creating clarity around security expectations for one of the world’s largest consumer electronics markets, the U.S. government is contributing strongly toward moving in that direction, and global consumers will ultimately benefit."

As the IoT ecosystem expands rapidly with billions of devices entering the market, companies will face challenges in meeting the requirements of regulatory compliance schemes. Kudelski IoT, together with the Alliance's PSWG, is committed to helping all participants in the ecosystem to meet these security requirements and ensure all devices meet a strong security baseline.

The introduction of the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark is an essential step toward a trusted IoT ecosystem. As a member of the global IoT community, Kudelski IoT lauds the efforts of the United States in fostering more confidence and transparency in the security and privacy of connected devices and networks.  

We join the CSA and other member companies in its mission to gain and maintain consumer trust, believing that the value of our efforts will grow exponentially along with the IoT ecosystem. By supporting the US National Label and providing the foundational technologies and services for its implementation, Kudelski IoT affirms its commitment to creating a secure, trustworthy IoT landscape for all.

With the implementation of the new U.S. Cyber Trust Mark and the adoption of approved security schemes like Matter, manufacturers can create robust and compliant IoT devices. By partnering with Kudelski IoT and leveraging our services, manufacturers can navigate the evolving IoT landscape, achieve regulatory compliance, and earn the prestigious U.S. Cyber Trust Mark label. Together, we can build a secure and trusted smart home industry, enhancing consumer confidence and driving the future of the smart home.

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