IoT Device Design &
Security Evaluation Services

Translating great IoT ideas into great, secure IoT devices represents a major challenge for many companies.

The process of defining, prototyping evaluating and testing IoT products is critical to achieving long-term IoT success. We can help you with any or all of that.


IoT Labs Fact Sheet

Ensuring your product is “secure by design” right from the start is exponentially more cost effective than addressing security flaws after a product is launched.

Independent evaluation of your device’s security can give you the information you need to prevent unexpected damage to revenues and reputation in the future.

This fact sheet explains the end-to-end and a la carte services we offer to help you achieve your IoT business objectives while reducing risk.

Whether you’d like us to design your entire IoT device and prepare it for manufacture, or just need help analyzing your threats and evaluating the security of your own devices, our 30+ years of experience in hardware and software design and security will help your connected business succeed for the long term.

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In our IoT Lab Fact Sheet, you will learn about:

  • The main IoT device challenges that most companies face
  • The services we offer to help you evaluate the security of your connected device.
  • The End-to-End Device Design Service we offer that takes you from IoT idea to long-term IoT success..
  • Other “a la carte” services we offer for your specific IoT security needs.