Kudelski Group Validates Security of DP-3T COVID-19 Contact Tracing Application
May 6, 2020

Kudelski Group Validates Security of DP-3T COVID-19 Contact Tracing Application

Kudelski Group announced today its support for the DP-3T COVID-19 contact tracing system being developed by a broad consortium of European academic institutions and companies. In order to ensure the DP-3T project meets its objectives of protecting people's health as well as their privacy, Kudelski is contributing its decades of software security and cryptography expertise, evaluating the robustness of the DP-3T iPhone and Android applications as well as the security of the entire end-to-end system.

Contact tracing is a core disease control measure employed by global health authorities for decades during regional and global pandemics. It is a key strategy for preventing the further spread of COVID-19. The DP-3T app-based approach decreases the amount of human contact tracers required and puts privacy, visibility and control into the hands of private citizens, allowing them to be quickly and anonymously informed if they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus. At that time, they can take the measures deemed necessary by local health authorities to contain the spread of the virus (self-quarantine, seek testing, etc.).

The DP-3T consortium is developing its contact tracing system to help fight the spread of COVID-19 and support the un-locking of countries and economies.  DP-3T supports a Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity architecture to preserve consumer privacy.  In a decentralized architecture, the data is only retained on the mobile handset rather than sending it to centralized database.  

Unique to DP-3T’s approach is the strong focus on ensuring a secure and anonymous user experience in order to encourage public adoption of the app. To help achieve this, Kudelski experts (including security architects, cryptographers and product experts) are performing detailed code and cryptographic reviews of the mobile application as well as the back-end server, therefore ensuring end-to-end security and privacy for the entire project. 

“Contact tracing is a critical strategic asset to help restart economic activity in Switzerland and in Europe. Switzerland has been home to our company for nearly 70 years, so it is our duty to do whatever we can to help make this important project a success. Our expertise in IoT security and cybersecurity and our ability to sustain the security of major ecosystems for decades makes this a very natural fit, and it is our honor to collaborate with these leading institutions to restart economies while protecting the health of Swiss and European citizens.” 

Hardy Schmidbauer, SVP IoT at Kudelski Group

For more information on DP-3T, please click here.