Matter Pioneer ELTAKO Selects Kudelski IoT as Matter Certificate Authority for New Smart Home Product Line
March 21, 2023

Matter Pioneer ELTAKO Selects Kudelski IoT as Matter Certificate Authority for New Smart Home Product Line

The ELTAKO 62-IP Series includes Matter-approved switches, dimmers and actuators. Company cites Kudelski IoT’s “technical competence and the human factor” in their choice.

Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland and Phoenix (AZ), USA March 21, 2023 Kudelski IoT, a division of the Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S), the world leader in digital security and IoT solutions, today announced that ELTAKO GmbH has selected Kudelski IoT’s Matter Certificate Authority service to ensure secure integration of its products into the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s (CSA) Matter smart home ecosystem.  Kudelski IoT is one of the few CSA-approved Product Attestation Authorities (PAA) providing Matter certificates, and will deliver signed certificates to ELTAKO, allowing them to provide a frictionless and secure smart home experience for their customers.

Matter is a unified, secure, and reliable standard that enables interoperability between different brands of smart home devices, providing greater flexibility and ease of use for consumers. With Matter, users will be able to connect and control their smart home devices seamlessly, regardless of the brand or technology used. This new standard will create a more open and collaborative ecosystem, bringing together leading companies in the smart home industry to deliver innovative and user-friendly solutions for a more connected and intelligent home.

The Kudelski IoT Matter CA Service enables companies to quickly and easily get access to Device Attestation Certificates (DACs). The service is a managed, scalable “PKI as a Service” platform, with each manufacturer using the platform can manage the security lifecycle of certificates and devices in their own dedicated, cloud-based application. Kudelski IoT can also provide solutions for the secure provisioning of certificates into devices, both in the factory and in the field.

“Security is a key element of our strategy and a major differentiator for our products in the market. Even before Matter, we have always used the highest security measures, so therefore Matter security requirements immediately made sense to us,” said Ulrich Ziegler, CEO of ELTAKO. “Matter is a top priority for ELTAKO, so we sought a security partner who could provide Device Attestation Certificates, and Kudelski IoT provided both the technical competence and the human factor that convinced us they are our best choice.”

Kudelski Group companies have worked with device manufacturers to enable and protect their devices and associated services for more than 30 years. Kudelski is a pioneer in content protection and has been protecting digital cable, satellite, terrestrial set-top boxes, and streaming services since their inception, providing a wide range of security technologies and services with a strong focus on device security and certification. The company has provided certificates, keys, and credentials to more than over 500 million devices.

“Matter is clearly becoming an important force in creating a more secure connected home where everything just works, data and devices are protected, and consumers can enjoy devices and services without having to worry about privacy breaches,” said Hardy Schmidbauer, SVP of Kudelski IoT. “We look forward to helping other companies like ELTAKO create trusted, safe, and profitable connected devices and services, and to supporting the Matter ecosystem’s growth with not only Product Attestation, but also a range of other services and systems that help secure long-term success.”


ELTAKO is a leading provider of electrical installation equipment, power supplies and power meters in Europe. Its focus in on home and building automation as well as professional smart home applications. The family-owned company, now in its third generation, has been offering its customers quality, expertise, and innovations in building control for over 70 years. The ELTAKO vision "THE HOME OF INNOVATION" is implemented with the three product lines Professional Standard, Professional Smart Home, and Professional Building.

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