Kudelski and naxoo Extend Long-Standing Media Security Partnership to Protect naxoo’s LoRaWAN IoT Network
November 11, 2020

Kudelski and naxoo Extend Long-Standing Media Security Partnership to Protect naxoo’s LoRaWAN IoT Network

Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, Phoenix (AZ), USA, Geneva, Switzerland – November 11st, 2020 – The Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S), the world leader in digital security and IoT solutions, and naxoo SA, the cable operator of the City of Geneva, today announced a new partnership to secure naxoo’s LoRaWAN-based Sherpa network, dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). Kudelski will conduct a system-wide security threat assessment of naxoo’s IoT network as well as doing hardware- and software-based security assessments of devices that will be used on the network. 

  • Kudelski has been a strategic security partner to naxoo for more than 20 years, providing multiple pay-TV revenue protection technologies and services 
  • naxoo has launched its Sherpa IoT network, based on LoRaWAN technology, seeking to become a key provider to Lake Geneva-area Smart City players 
  • Kudelski IoT Labs will provide important threat assessment and IoT device security assessment services to naxoo as part of the expanding partnership. The partnership is the first step toward the creation of a state-of-the art secure IoT network in Switzerland 

naxoo is heavily involved in the development of the smart and sustainable city, a commitment it has achieved by creating Citiz’n a coworking space specifically dedicated to the Smart City, and by developing Sherpa, a secure platform dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) that allows communities as well as institutional and private players to deploy and control networks of connected objects. 

The development of IoT technologies marks the most important societal and economic transformation since the advent of the Internet and mobile telephony. It enables intelligent management and energy optimization of buildings (smart building), remote metering and opens up new perspectives for healthcare and agriculture players. The increasing complexity of data networks - sensors, devices, infrastructure, applications, storage - makes it necessary to manage security end to end and throughout its entire lifecycle, which is the objective of naxoo’s partnership with Kudelski. 

Erick Pipault, Managing Director of naxoo, welcomed the new collaboration with the company’s historic pay-TV security partner: "The combination of Kudelski's expertise in digital security and naxoo’s infrastructure and operations will make our network a benchmark in the field of the Internet of Things. We will offer institutional and private players in the Lake Geneva area the first secure end-to-end IoT network, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of their data and their customers’ data. Through this partnership, naxoo becomes a pioneer in infrastructure, technology and best practices for secure IoT networks.” 

Kudelski Group Chairman & CEO André Kudelski concurred. “Our security partnership with naxoo dates back to the 1990’s, and the expansion of this relationship to include IoT security is a testament to the innovative capabilities of both companies. By leveraging our IoT Security Labs and other technologies and services like Kudelski IoT keySTREAM, naxoo is creating a robust, reliable regional network for its customers that guarantees them trust, integrity and control for their IoT activities.” 

This demonstrates that long term partnerships can stimulate innovation in new promising business areas. 

About naxoo IoT (Sherpa) 

Developed in 2017, Sherpa is the Internet of Things division of naxoo SA, based on LoRaWAN IoT network technologies. Sherpa provides end-to-end IoT solutions catering to the needs of cities, building managers, environmental, agricultural and health stakeholders, ranging from consulting, technical implementation, to dashboards and data management. 

For more information, please visit www.sherpa-iot.ch. 

About naxoo 

Founded in 1986, naxoo SA is the cable operator of the City of Geneva connecting Geneva households to its latest-generation network. It offers a wide range of multimedia services, from basic TV to thematic and international programs, ultra-high-speed internet, video on demand, land lines and mobile phones. naxoo is also strongly involved in the development of smart and sustainable cities, a commitment it has materialized with creation of "Citiz'n", a coworking space dedicated to smart cities, and by launching "Sherpa", a secure platform dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). 

For more information, please visit www.naxoo.ch. 

About Kudelski IoT

Kudelski IoT is the Internet of Things division of Kudelski Group and provides end-to-end IoT solutions, IoT product design, and full-lifecycle services to IoT device manufacturers, ecosystem creators, and end-user companies. These solutions and services leverage the group’s 30+ years of innovation in digital business model creation; hardware, software and ecosystem design and testing; state-of-the-art security lifecycle management technologies and services and managed operation of complex systems. For more information about Kudelski IOT, please visit www.kudelski-iot.com.  

About Kudelski Group

The Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S) is a world leader in digital business enablement technologies that encompass digital content security, public access, cybersecurity, and IoT.

NAGRA provides end-to-end convergent media solutions to the digital entertainment industry including services and applications requiring access control and rights management to secure the revenue in digital television, internet, mobile and interactive applications.

SKIDATA is the world market leader in public access and visitor management with over 10,000 installations in over 100 countries, providing fast and safe access for people and vehicles.

Kudelski Security is an innovative, independent provider of tailored cybersecurity solutions to help enterprises and public sector institutions assess risks and vulnerabilities and protect their data and systems.

Kudelski IoT provides end-to-end solutions, IoT product design, and full-lifecycle services to IoT device manufacturers, ecosystem creators and end-user companies.

The Kudelski Group is headquartered in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland and Phoenix (AZ), USA with offices in 32 countries around the world. For more information, please visit www.nagra.com.

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