Partner White Paper: Secure Connectivity for IoT Wearables
June 15, 2018

Partner White Paper: Secure Connectivity for IoT Wearables

Wearable technologies improve people’s health and safety, convenience and performance in consumer and commercial applications – with connectivity and security playing crucial roles.Our partners at Fischer Connectors asked us about the importance of device and data security in creating safe and effective wearable technology ecosystems, and you'll find our thoughts in Chapter 7 of their new white paper, entitled EMERGING TRENDS IN WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY ACROSS SEVERAL MARKETS. Here are a few of the key excerpts for you to consider.It is the responsibility of wearables manufacturers to incorporate security into their products, starting with the design process. Successful lifecycle security management must:

  1. Secure the device
  2. Secure the data
  3. Manage access to the data and to the device
  4. Actively monitor and maintain security over time

The entire lifetime of the product must be taken into account because a product that is secure at launch might not be secure for long if attackers develop new strategies that were not thought out during the design phase. This requires strong hardware security foundations in the device, a backend platform to manage those security features and enable secure communication of data, constant monitoring of the threat environment, and a swift and effective response to attacks.

"The trend in smart wearables is exciting because most of us live our lives as fundamentally unconnected beings in solitary, individual units. When we’re at our best is when we’re sharing knowledge with others, e.g. using language. More data can provide better visibility of health and safety (in the military), performance (in sport), safety and wellbeing (for the elderly and children). However, there is a threshold at which people lose trust in connected applications if security is breached. We need to be proactive, anticipate problems and act early! Protecting devices and data means protecting lives and reputations. To achieve that, a security lifecycle approach that embeds security foundations during the design phase and actively monitors and manages security over time is the only effective way to accomplish this.”

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