Ensure the success of your IoT project with an IoT Design Sprint

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Get the Design Sprint Fact Sheet

For companies wanting to establish strong foundations for the success of their IoT projects, Kudelski Group is working with BTBlock to offer the Design Sprint Hybrid ModelTM service.

In this Fact Sheet, you will learn:

  • The benefits of organizing an IoT Design Sprint
  • The different stages of your IoT journey when an IoT Design Sprint makes sense
  • The questions an IoT Design Sprint will answer
  • The fundamentals of the Sprint process
  • How to move forward together with Kudelski IoT and our partner BTBlock

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Whenever your business is at a critical juncture or crossroads on how to move the business forward, the Design Sprint Hybrid Model helps you get answers fast with minimal capital outlay. This service can be undertaken at any stage of your product or service development process…