If you have a great idea, we can make it a reality.

We've been making profitable innovation happen for 70 years. Our architects and engineers are some of the best in the world and can take your ideas and requirements and transform them into executable designs. We then work with our supplier and manufacturing partners to bring your product to life and get it ready for market.

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Hardware design

We design your device based on your product requirements and source the components that will meet your price and functionality specifications.

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Software design

We design the software that will drive your IoT device's functionality and enable your use cases, optimized for your hardware platform.

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Ecosystem integration

We integrate your new IoT device with other key elements of your architecture, including your cloud platform and applications of choice.

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End-to-end security

We embed robust security into your device on the hardware level, enabling a wide variety of IoT security use cases.

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We ensure your product prototype is thoroughly tested and meets both your functional requirements as well as security requirements prior to manufacture.

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We can take your finished product to a manufacturing partner and deliver you a finished, cost-optimized product at volume.


RecovR: The next-generation vehicle locator solution

As decades-old technologies were exiting the market, Kudelski IoT developed a next-generation Dealership Lot Management & Consumer Theft Recovery solution to help car dealers run their lots more efficiently and to help consumers recover stolen vehicles. The solution offers a 5-year battery life, contains multiple positioning, communication and sensor technologies, and is fully integrated with cloud and mobile applications.

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Dealer Lot Management

Asset Tracking

Dealer Lot Management

Enable dealerships to locate and manage their entire inventory across lots and locations, granting access only to authorized parties..

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Vehicle Theft Recovery

Asset Tracking

Vehicle Theft Recovery

Empower car owners to locate their vehicle at any time and share information with police, all while providing strong privacy protections.

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