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Fuzz Testing for Automotive Manufacturers

Increased connection among automotive components increases the attack surface that hackers can exploit to threaten security and safety. Fuzz testing is a technique that consists of injecting the system under test with a large number of inputs with the aim of finding and resolving vulnerabilities before it causes real-world issues.

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Advantages of Fuzz Testing

Fuzz testing, also known as fuzzing, is an automated software testing technique that involves providing unexpected or invalid input to a program or system to uncover errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities. Some of the advantages of fuzz testing include:


Save time and resources compared to manual testing.


Target specific vulnerabilities or areas of the surface or software that you need to test.


Test your entire program or software rather than just small parts of it.


Incorporate fuzz testing into an overall testing strategy.

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6 steps of fuzz testing


How we engage

We are clear, transparent and collaborative in the way we work with you to achieve your security goals.


Define Scope & Goals

We meet with the client to determine testing objectives, scope, and rules of engagement.

Execute Fuzz Testing

We plan and implement the process, from test cases to delivery, failure examination, and fix determination.

Prepare deliverables

We carry out technical and business impact analysis to develop recommendations.

Report & Recommend

We present actionable, prioritized recommendations to key stakeholders and deliver final report with full analysis.

Test and Validate

We can retest vulnerabilities to verify that recommended remediation action plans were indeed successful and that no other vulnerabilities have been introduced during the remediation phase.


What we deliver

Fuzz testing results can vary depending on the specific goals and objectives of the testing, which will be unique to each client and testing plan. Some potential outcomes of fuzz testing include:

Identify vulnerabilities

– Fuzz testing can help identify security vulnerabilities, such as buffer overflows or injection attacks, that could be exploited by attackers.

Identify Program Failures

– Fuzz testing can help identify failures in a program’s functionality, such as crashes or hangs, that may occur when the program is exposed to invalid or unexpected inputs.

Generate test cases

– Fuzz testing can generate test cases that can be used to validate the correctness and reliability of a program.

Improve program robustness

– by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and failures, fuzz testing can help improve the overall robustness and reliability of a program.

Provide test evidence

– Fuzz testing can provide evidence that a program has been thoroughly tested, which can be useful for demonstrating compliance with industry standards or regulations.

Fuzz Testing Automotive

Fact Sheet

Fuzz Testing for Automotive

Fuzz testing is a technique that consists of injecting the system under test with a large number of inputs with the aim of finding vulnerabilities.

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