30+ years protecting high-value business models

Our IoT security expertise is rooted in our more than three decades of hardware, software and cybersecurity experience. We make IoT simple and secure with a holistic approach and skillset that makes us unique in the industry.


The Kudelski Group

Since the launch of digital pay-TV in the 1989, we have delivered cutting-edge security technologies and services to our clients, constantly evolving to effectively protect more than half of the industry’s now more than US$200 billion in annual revenues.

Under constant attack by pirates and organized crime, these solutions have continuously adapted to protect the businesses of our customers, some of whom have relied on us to do this since 1989.

The fundamental skills we have developed in operational security are directly transferrable to the IoT world, where we use our technology and expertise to protect all key IoT assets – devices, identity, data, decisions, commands and actions – throughout the entire lifetime of the device and its ecosystem.


Our expertise in public access and cybersecurity solutions only further strengthen our IoT know-how, and make us the ideal strategic security partner for any IoT device manufacturer or ecosystem implementer.

$100 B/yr

Revenue Protected


Offices worldwide

400 M +

Devices secured

$200 M/yr

R&D investment



$827 M

Revenues (2019)


Working with us is…

Working with us is simple, end-to-end, flexible, sustainable and secure.

Strategic Security Partner

We have been successfully protecting our customers’ high-value businesses for decades. Our longevity is proof of our ability to meet our clients’ needs, simply, securely and effectively.


We’ve built a large ecosystem of premier IoT value chain partners. This valuable network enables us to provide you with concrete and proven solutions that can speed your time to market. 


We can support you no matter where you are on your IoT journey. With the industry’s broadest array of products and services, we are your one-stop strategic partner for the entire IoT lifecycle.


We are your strategic security partners throughout your whole journey

We can help you at any stage of your IoT project: design, launch, growth, threat response, daily security management…

We help you better understand your current threats and security posture and work with you to develop a security architecutre that will mitigate those threats.

IoT Design & Evaluation Services

Need to assess, plan and optimize your IoT Security architecture? Our IoT Design & Evaluation Services experts are here to help you progress your IoT journey.

We deliver the solution you need to enable and protect your current and future IoT use cases, your business model and all your IoT assets, ensuring your long-term success.

IoT Security Platform

Need technologies that provide trust, integrity and control for your IoT ecosystem, making them sustainable and scalable over time? Our IoT Security Platform uses state-of-the-art key management, supporting every IoT use case you require and pre-integrated into many common IoT components.
You now have a secure platform supporting your specific IoT use cases, enabling you to manage the whole security lifecycle of your IoT products and services. Prefer to outsource Security Platform operations and leverage our managed security services to monitor and respond to emerging threats? We can help.

IoT Managed Services

Not a security expert and want our help managing your IoT security and indentifing and responding to threats on a daily basis? Our Managed Services enable you to focus on your core business and achieve full ROI on your IoT projects.


Our nearly 70 years as a family-managed, publicly traded Swiss technology company speak to our incredible resilience, reliability and success as a business.

Kudelski has 32 offices worldwide and always endeavors to be close to its customers.

It’s IoT activities are centered around hubs in
• Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne (Vaud), Switzerland
• Phoenix (Arizona), USA.


360° “cyber + embedded” security approach


The “Cloud-Down”, IT-driven approach is the only option for legacy devices that aren’t secure by design. But this approach can become a never-ending battle of cat and mouse between you and hackers. because It doesn’t solve the core problem of establishing an immutable, trusted identity in devices that enables them to function securely throughout their lifetime.

If you are working with IoT devices that aren’t secure by design, we offer both Edge Security solutions as well as a variety of different cybersecurity advisory and managed services to monitor and respond to threats to your IoT ecosystem.


We use a security-by-design approach from the beginning of the product development process, embedding the protection required to secure all key IoT assets throughout the lifecycle of the device and enabling every secure IoT use case you may require.

Our platform is silicon and cloud agnostic and creates a single, simple security management platform for all devices. No other security partner can match Kudelski’s more than 30 years of experience in managing the ongoing integrity and success of our customers’ business models.