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Kudelski IoT chosen by Canoo

The passive keyless entry solution lets companies create exciting new business models for vehicle rental, providing both finite control and frictionless convenience for users



Discover how we can help you design, prototype, test, operate and sustain your IoT devices and ecosystem to ensure your success.


Achieve Alexa Built-in security certification

We offer independent security assessments to help you meet the security requirements for Alexa Built-in devices using Amazon Voice Service (AVS).


Free IoT security learning resources

Learn the best approaches to securing your IoT devices and ecosystem from threats, and how to protect the new efficiencies and business models you are hoping to achieve.


Embedded Security of the IoT (ABI Research)

What options are available to IoT device creators to ensure the security of their products? What are key considerations in choosing the right embedded security approach?

1. Why Secure IoT?

Securing your IoT business is critical to your long-term success & sustainability

1. Enable New Business

Create new business models, securely monetize new features, drive insights and actions with authentic data.

2. Protect Your Assets

Secure your device, its identity, data, decisions, commands and actions, from chip to cloud.

3. Differentiate Your Product

Market security as a USP, achieve regulatory compliance, gain customer trust, protect your reputation.

We design trust & control into your IoT products and ecosystem from the start, so you can secure your most important IoT applications and use cases.


Cold Chain Tracking

Application benefits

  • Guarantee produce quality
  • Reduce losses for spoiled product

Security benefits

  • Guarantee integrity of data
  • Prevent tampering and fraud

Asset Tracking

Application benefits

  • Track asset location
  • Prevent asset loss

Security benefits

  • Prevent cloning of trackers
  • Ensure tracker data is confidential end-to-end

Video Surveillance

Application benefits

  • Protect people and property
  • Analyze video for data/intelligence

Security benefits

  • Protect camera from cyberattacks
  • Protect and control video access

Fleet Management

Application benefits

  • Optimize commercial fleet movement
  • Track/enforce labor regulations

Security benefits

  • Prevent tampering with trackers
  • Ensure fleet data is confidential end-to-end

Usage-based insurance

Application benefits

  • Create new business models
  • Tie price to actual risk

Security benefits

  • Ensure data integrity used for pricing
  • Prevent device/software tampering

Smart Grid

Application benefits

  • Improve distribution efficiency
  • Make safe, automated decisions

Security benefits

  • Ensure data integrity for decision making
  • Securely manage access to data


Application benefits

  • Improve yield through precision farming
  • Improve livestock health

Security benefits

  • Securely control farming systems
  • Guarantee source and integrity of sensor data

Smart Meters

Application benefits

  • Collect near realtime usage data
  • Bill more timely and accurately

Security benefits

  • Prevent fraud/tampering with meters
  • Protect and control access to customer data

Remote Patient Monitoring

Application benefits

  • Provide realtime patient data to doctors
  • Reduce health care costs

Security benefits

  • Comply with patient privacy regulations
  • Protect data at rest and in motion

Home Monitoring

Application benefits

  • Provide remote visibility of home safety
  • Allow remote control of home

Security benefits

  • Prevent intrusion into home systems
  • Safeguard customer privacy, brand reputation

Smart Cities

Application benefits

  • Increase efficiency of municipal systems
  • Provide smart services to residents

Security benefits

  • Protect firmware of city devices
  • Ensure data used to make decisions is authentic

Product Authenticity

Application benefits

  • Ensure authenticity of pharmaceuticals, luxury goods
  • Track goods throughout value chain

Security benefits

  • Prove the authentic origin of products
  • Eliminate loss by tracking products

2. Product and Services

How Kudelski IoT secures
your IoT Journey

We offer products and services for customers at any phase of their IoT development lifecycle. From securing one specific use case to comprehensive support during every step of your IoT design, implementation and operation.

Marc - IoT Product Owner

How do I identify the threats that are likely to disrupt my business?

Nina - IoT Architect

How do I architect an ecosystem that is protected from the threats I’ve identified?

Christopher - CISO

How do I choose where to put effort and investment to protect my assets?



Design and Evaluation Services

Understand potential cybersecurity risks and their impact on your business, use our expertise to design secure IoT products and evaluate the security of your existing products in our advanced labs.

Threat modeling

Security architecture design

Device security evaluations (HW & SW)

Tailored security evaluation services


IoT Security Platform

Create trust, integrity and control between your devices and their applications throughout the entire lifecycle of your IoT ecosystem. Incorporate our technology in your device and backend, and you are ready to efficiently on-board new devices at scale while ensuring the end-to-end security of any use case.

Key Provisioning & Management

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Secure Boot

Remote Attestation

End-to-End Data Encryption (Privacy & Confidentiality, Integrity & Non-Repudiation)

Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Secure Local Decision Making

Role-Based Access Control

Feature Authorization

Secure FOTA

Detection & Response

Regulatory Compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, CalOPPA, etc)



Jamie - Digital Transformation Officer

How can I integrate security into my devices to support my current and future IoT use cases?

Marissa - Procurement

How can I minimize impact on my supply chain and make security simple?

Jemima - Lead Software Engineer

How do I integrate robust security into cloud platforms like AWS or Azure?



Paige - CISO

How can I cloud onboard my IoT devices with zero-touch provisioning?

Patrick - Engineer

How can I protect my IoT data from device to cloud?

Li - Software Engineer

How can I control access to my device, data and services?

Larry - CISO

How can I monitor and respond to suspicious activity in my IoT ecosystem?

Noemi - Marketing Product Owner

How do I effectively battle cyber-attacks to protect my business?

Bruno - CFO

How do I ensure I achieve the return on investment I expect from my IoT projects?



Managed Services

We monitor, detect and rapidly respond to any threat to your business, 24/7/365, and even operate the IoT Security Platform on your behalf.

We operate the IoT security platform for you

We monitor your ecosystem for threats

We apply countermeasures to thwart attackers

We keep your security up to date



Enable and secure your IoT use cases with our pre-integrated solutions

We deliver solutions to real IoT problems, like how to integrate security and connectivity as simply as possible in your device, or how to restore or improve security on legacy devices that aren’t secure by design.

Cellular IoT Security

Combine cellular connectivity and IoT security in a single module, speeding time to market.

IoT Edge Security

Re-secure legacy devices already in the field, unify security management and add new functionalities.


4 Steps to IoT security (18 pages)

How to understand IoT threats and secure your IoT devices

“Two of the most important aspects to long-term IoT success are designing security into products and ecosystems from the start, as well as managing the long-term security lifecycle of the product. Kudelski is a leading cybersecurity company that can do both.”

Michela Menting, Research Director, ABI Research.

3. Partner Ecosystem

Our shared expertise gets your product to market swiftly and securely

We simplify and de-risk your development process by pre-integrating our IoT Security Platform with leading industry partners. We are constantly adding new partners to our ecosystem, and can integrate with your partners of choice.

IoT Security News & Resources 

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4 Steps to IoT Security (for IoT device/component manufacturers).
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